Monday, April 6, 2015

Let the light hold the way hold every memory...

Fast & Furious used to an exciting and energetic movie. It is & still powerful movie, but the seventh session is kind of something. It touch everyone. I don't know him as Paul Walker, I know him as Brian O'Conner. My brother and I really love to watch his movies. He is our favourite actor. At first, I don't know why I was really touch and feel something that really unsuitable for me when reminds to this guy. If it because of he is my favorite actor who died, I am not that kind of person who's gonna feel that way. But now I know, it is because Brian O'Conner remind me of my brother. He's the one tell me that Paul Walker died on crashed, he the one show me the picture of the crashed car, he the one who shows me the died face which I'm avoiding myself to see that. The sad thing was, my brother died 4 months after Paul Walker died. Fast & Furious will always remind me of my brother, especially Brian O'Conner. Rest in peace both of you. It's been a long day indeed. :'(

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let go but never forget

"Time is taking its sweet time erasing you."

"Good girls, hopeful they'll be and long they'll be wait"

"We had a beautiful magic love there, what a sad beautiful tragic love affair"

This lady always has my thoughts, my feelings and my dreams. She knows the right and suitable tracks to put that magical truthful words. To let go or move on doesn't means to forget. I never forget it. Never once. I don't say I don't want to forget but I actually should not forget it so I will not repeat the same mistake anymore. If I forget everything, I might forget the feeling of being fool, the feeling of being so in love while actually I am never been loved and the feeling of innocent girl that originated by me. So I will not forget it so I can take the lessons from it. A thousand loves and thank you to this lady, that's give my strength back to me. Thank you Taylor Swift. #ThePowerOfHerSongs

Sunday, February 8, 2015

goodbye soon ...

So here we go again, another farewell. I am so done with the farewell T.T
All my prayers are go with you all girls. You've been always there when I feel down, maybe its because of that. My last year diploma was full with tragedies and worst moment I ever felt in my entire life & the one whom makes me strong and accept the reality easily was you all. I just knew laughter and happiness when you're around me. You are my support system & now its time for us to be mature. Friendship never has goodbyes. Friendship is forever. I can't meet the others T.T but I think its better to not meet them. That's my way. Good luck for in chemistry girls. (most got chm) and for Fiona, good luck on the chemical engineering. I am so proud of us! Goodbye soon *tears*

The journey begin, again...


Praise to Allah. I got my first choices at the same place again. Now I am becoming a new senior there. Maybe I was destined to be a biologist. I just hope I can do well for my bachelor degree. Graduate on time and score good cgpa than my diploma. Its kinda hard to believe that I am (Hons) Biology student now. Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The fly times

More than 2 months fly so gently, I can’t even feel the time passing by in secrecy. So today I started to feel bored and I think my rest is enough. I need something to make me stress in a good way and that think is study. I can’t even imagine I already have my Diploma. 3 years were so short. Well it still the beginning step, I still have thought and exciting feeling to further my study on undergraduate study. So UiTM has given me so much feeling, memorable experiences and no choice but to stay along. Thankfully, they have this “penerapan diploma” stuff, the easier opportunity for us to continue the study.
So I applied “Bachelor (Hons) of Science Biology” for my first choice. My 2nd choice was “Bachelor (Hons) of Science Chemistry” and 3rd was “Bachelor (Hons) of Forensic Chemistry”. Why Biology? because I am so into it. Biology is the study of life so I think I want to study more specific about the things that alive within us. Among those three pure subjects I learned in my Diploma, Biology was leading as the best grade I can get. But still I miss to learn physics, I got excited with it sometimes. So, hopefully I shoot the right thing.

In the mean times, my last semester result for Diploma was fascinating me. Even I cannot get the dean list but I’m great my cgpa is increasing which I can’t even imagine I can get that high. Over all semesters, my last year semesters state me as the second top student (3p above gpa) where the last 4 semesters I can’t get the 3p. But I’m blessed now, I feel shining bright.