❥ Shazanna Nur Atiqah Mulkan ❥ 

I am 21 years old who born on June. People called me weewee. I am Bajau and Kadazan mix blooded. Currently live in KK with my college life. I chase a dream to become success in science, in Biology to be exact.

I play guitar but now I don't sing often, sometimes I recorded the stuffs. I am sensitive human being, but I keep it to myself, I don't show it off, so the term of crying because of offended things did not exist in me because I am positive enough to think that everything gonna be alright which sometimes fool myself with that positive attitude. I'm avoiding my tears fall down in front of my family, I don't do that and I'm the person who's hard to cry in front of people. But if I did, then it could be something big. I'm good at pretending that "I'm fine" and people didn't notice it but if they did, I strongly protest it. I have a lot of daydreams, thats what I did when I'm alone.

I used the name "Shazanna Ajzahary" because I want to keep my brother close to me. God only gave me 20 years to be with him and he is the only brother I ever have. He died so suddenly this year. I live the life that full of unexpected things, still kept wondering for that beautiful unexpected thing to happen and I believe it will happen because God has his best plans for me.