Sunday, February 8, 2015

goodbye soon ...

So here we go again, another farewell. I am so done with the farewell T.T
All my prayers are go with you all girls. You've been always there when I feel down, maybe its because of that. My last year diploma was full with tragedies and worst moment I ever felt in my entire life & the one whom makes me strong and accept the reality easily was you all. I just knew laughter and happiness when you're around me. You are my support system & now its time for us to be mature. Friendship never has goodbyes. Friendship is forever. I can't meet the others T.T but I think its better to not meet them. That's my way. Good luck for in chemistry girls. (most got chm) and for Fiona, good luck on the chemical engineering. I am so proud of us! Goodbye soon *tears*