Saturday, October 18, 2014

18 0ctober 2014 ...

 The thing that been hide on our mind finally comes. The thing that always being the main topic on our whatsapp chat group this lately. Yes, that thing "Farewell". After all the times we spent together, almost everyday, together in the same room, now we have to accept the fact that after this, that kind of atmosphere will probably never happen again. (I'm crying now) We share the feelings, we share the knowledges, we share the annoying attitude and everything. For me, they are my positive strength that always be there for me for my ups and downs. The kind of bond we have is even stronger than the hydrogen bond on atom. We can act silly in front of each other and that not shame at all. We can pissed off to each other and act like nothing happen. That us. During the talk this morning, Ivy  sent this on chat room~

I'm afraid to say that I agree with that. 3 years with all of them is the most precious moment in my life compared to my highschool life. 

We may be separate far away on degree. I wish u all to have a good luck and good fortune in life. I deeply mean that. I hope that as I growing up, I still be their bestfriends and be that awesome adult that their kids love. I love you all to the bits. See yah in the graduation day later!

 With our 183 cm height, Azlee.